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Pixtd Moment: A group of friends covered in colourful powder at an outdoor event

Own YourMoments

Easily create private shared photo albums for your guests and your guests only.

Pixtd Moment: A group of groomsmen having fun at an outdoor wedding

Frictionless Fun

Share, like, comment and socialise no matter what device or social ecosystem you use.

Pixtd Moment: Newlyweds leaving on honeymoon

Your Data isYour Data

No creepy tracking or personally targeted ads, not now, not ever. Your photos and your data are safely encrypted then erased post-event. Giving you the freedom to be bold, speak freely and interact with your crowd just as you would in person.

Pixtd Moment: Friends enjoying an outdoor event together

Effortless Finding & Saving

No more sifting through never-ending photo albums. Our PixtdFind technology makes finding your magic moments and saving for safekeeping a total breeze.